Logistics Projects Consultation

Dispatch Logistics starts advising clients and partners from an early stage to make sure the logistics and supply chain model adopted is the most competitive option when all costs and time delays are factored in. Dispatch Logistics engages with customers and helps them prepare complex models and analyse risks and rewards. We also have inhouse compliance experts that advise our customers on the requirements of various governmental and non-governmental bodies. 

Dispatch Logistics  has many years experience in the oil, mining, power generation and construction industries. Our expertise in project cargo management means we can offer ailored solutions for unique outsize cargoes,heavy lifts and hazardous cargo.Our specialities cover such areas as feasibility studies and risk management, packaging design, document process management, to the safe transportation of heavy lifts, out-of-gauge cargo and hazardous cargo.

Dispatch Logistics can provide complete end-to-end logistics solutions for special contracts from government and non-government organizations.  We go Beyond!... Logistics Projects Consultation
Logistics Projects Consultation

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Total  transport, haulage & distribution coverage.

Weekly departures to all major  ports.

Bonded Cargo Trucking Fleet with nationwide coverage

Road Haulage & Distribution

Supply Chain Management Services, Solutions & Consultancy

We go Beyond!... Logistics Projects Consultation